Welcome, I am glad you found my little piece of the internet!

First, I am a child of God. I was baptized for the remission of my sins to enter Christ’s church (Galatians 3:27, Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38) in March 2010. I married my work buddy, friend, and love of my life shortly before my baptism in November 2009. M led me to God and I am eternally grateful. M is my rock and the best husband.

I’m a late 20 something mother of two boys, P & E. I love my children more than I imagined possible. Let’s not have any false pretenses here–I am NOT a perfect mother. Our boys are 20 months apart and let’s just say things get C-R-A-Z-Y around our house sometimes, but I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

Also in our home live Nana and Papa. They moved in just a few months ago and we are all still adjusting to a new life with such a big family. We love having them here, the boys especially love getting to spend special time with their grandparents.

Last but not least our pets. Nigella, our found kitty. She has been with us through the early days of marriage, three moves, and two kids. Nigella is the most calm, loving cat. Rufus is the newest addition to our family. She–yes she, the 3 year old named her– joined our family in February. Lets just say she keeps things exciting!



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